Plumbing Inspection By Homeowner

First-time homeowners often have a mile-long to-do list — unpacking, organizing, and more, but make sure there’s room on the list for your plumbing system. To ensure a smooth homecoming, Plumbersgreensboronc.org offers these plumbing tips for new homeowners. Not only will these tips help you maintain the function of the system, but they will also help prevent costly emergency plumbing repairs.

1. Schedule A Plumbing Inspection

If a plumbing inspection wasn’t completed prior to your move-in date, we recommend scheduling one as soon as possible. A plumbing inspection allows any unknown clogs, leaks, or problems to be identified so necessary repairs can be made before serious damage occurs to your system or home. While the cost of a plumbing inspection is another added expense for new homebuyers, it is a task that can save a significant amount of money in the future should any undiagnosed problems implode.

2. Locate The Main Water Shutoff Valve

Knowing where the water shutoff valve is located is essential for new homeowners. Imagine coming home to find that your kitchen is flooding — if you know where the main water shutoff valve is located, you can panic while you run to turn it off. If you are unsure of where the valve is, the kitchen will only resemble a swimming pool more and more while you search for the valve. During the inspection, your plumber can show you exactly where the shutoff valve is. Note that every home is different — some water valves may be located by the water heater while other valves may be elsewhere.

3. Maintain The Drains

While not the most glamorous task, being mindful of your drains is necessary. Our plumbing experts urge homeowners to recognize products that are not intended to be tossed or flushed in the sink or toilet. The following items should never be placed in a sink or toilet in your home:

  • Cotton balls
  • Condoms
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Baby wipes
  • Food

It is also important for homeowners to install drain safeguards, such as a hair stopper or a sink strainer. These products catch and prevent items from traveling down the drain where they could cause a blockage or pipe damage. It is easy to empty the drain guards as needed; simply empty the gathered contents into the trash bin and place the clean drain back into the sink, tub, or shower.

4. Protect The Pipes

While most Ocala winters are mild in comparison to Northern winters, pipes should still be properly covered and protected from frosty weather. When it’s cold outdoors, water traveling through pipes can freeze. Because frozen water expands, the ice in pipes creates pressure that can lead to cracks. Then when the ice melts, water seeps through the cracks, which can cause flooding, water damage, and widespread plumbing issues. Our residential plumbers recommend disconnecting all water hoses and keeping the outside water valve open so that water can drain from the pipes. Be sure to add insulation using pipe sleeves or newspapers if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach.

5. Keep Emergency Numbers Nearby

As experienced plumbers, we understand that plumbing emergencies occur. We encourage new homeowners to keep our contact information in a convenient location because you never know when a pipe will burst or a sink will clog. When a plumbing emergency occurs, you are going to need to dedicate time to the situation and not at searching for a reliable plumber that handles emergencies. Simply call Plumbersgreensboronc.org. Our highly skilled team will arrive, equipped with the latest plumbing technology and a can-do attitude to get your new home up and running again.

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