Tips for a Successful Plumbing Contractor Business

A successful plumbing contractor business rarely consists of a single employee, and it’s an exciting thing to be so busy that you must hire workers to keep up with the demand. But things change once you become a business owner; it may be very difficult to run your business and perform repairs at the same time. That means taking off the tool belt, putting away the plunger and concentrating on the business.

Know the Profession Thoroughly

Know the skills of the trade inside and out. Although you won’t be performing plumbing duties directly, it is incumbent on you to know every aspect of each process and service. That means, don’t give up your day job as a plumber until you have enough hands-on experience to be able to run your own business. You must provide guidance and training to your employees, be current on building codes, and learn from your fellow tradesmen before you open your own shop.

Change Hats

Even though your jobs may place you in some pretty down and dirty predicaments, you cease to be called a plumber once you are in business for yourself. After you hire workers and begin to build up your business, remember that you’re a businessmen above all else, according to trade journalist and industry expert Jim Olsztynski. Administrative aspects of your business — finances, personnel and marketing — should be the main area of your focus when you hang up your shingle.

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